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We sisters created this blog for our need to share our story, our goals, our beliefs in the idea that each woman, is supremely ostentatious and chic in their own unique ways. We totally dispose off the idea of portraying perfection. This is a photo-gazette of our love for fashion and everything creative that comes along with it. We hope to show you the beauty and various fashion styles the way we perceive them ourselves.

The Shoe story ft. Charles&Keith


Hello guys, how are you all doing? Its been so long since I have shared any looks with you guys. Lately, I have been so busy with my last year of graduation and a few new things that I am working on for the blog, but finally found some time to share some looks with you guys.

Being a woman I have always believed in giving a woman a good pair of shoes so that she can conquer the world. As clichéd as it may sound, ‘behind every successful woman is a pair of good shoes,’ and I don’t deny that fact! For all those of you who already follow me on my social handles know for a fact how much I love buying shoes and there is always space for more. Charles&Keith have always been one of my favourite brands when it comes to shoes and whenever I get the opportunity to experiment with their new collection, I am never more elated to give you guys a look of how I styled two of my favourite shoes from their new Autumn-Winter collection.

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MalabarGoldAndDiamonds bonding love for years


We often hear people say that “diamonds and surprises” are a woman’s best friend and I being a woman wouldn’t deny the fact that women of course love both the things. I don’t watch television a lot, but I never miss the chance to see Kareena Kapoor Khan on screen, and when one day I saw her in the MalabarGoldAndDiamonds #KareenasAnniversarySurprise advertisement it struck me for the first time that, yes, there is something more beautiful than her and that is MalabarGoldAndDiamonds. Whereas our media and everyone else was talking about KareenaPregnancy, I was stumbled on the fact that how beautiful the diamond set looked on her in the advertisement and she definitely glowed in that. So, it was not only KareenaPregnancy but also the MalabarGoldAndDiamonds set which made her look beautiful. I am sure this ad must have made every pregnant woman feel special.

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Top 7 Tips to maintain long, healthy and attractive hair

IMG_6709 [177385]-Edit

Trust me when I write this content for you guys, it literally makes me smile thinking how blessed I am to have such good hair that you guys constantly ask me about my secret to such healthy and lovely hair.

Some of you won’t even believe me if I tell you guys that recently I have become too lazy to even care for my hair. When it comes to hair care, most of us are too lazy to even care for them and trust me it does bring a  lot of harm to our hair in the longer run. Lately, I realized that my hair has become so unhealthy ever since I stopped caring for them. We often care a lot for our skin but forget to do the same with our hair. Continue reading…


10 Mens’ Grooming Products Under Rs.500

groom your face

You might never admit it, but just like women, men do need to pamper their skin and hair. Men today need to be groomed and well-dressed but spending too much on the products make them flinch. It is believed and recommended that products from same brands be used mostly, so the fragrance are not inter-mixed and don’t leave behind a bad odour which you and I or anyone for that matter wouldn’t want. So, tres importante tip is Try your Best not to mix brands so you don’t mix fragrances.

There are millions of products in different range for Men’s Grooming. But here is the list of Men’s Daily Essentials within a substantial budget and are important in your routine life.

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10 Genius Travel Hacks That Will Help You Pack Like A Pro


Who doesn’t like travelling, there is nothing more liberating than the feeling to head off to an epic destination in this blistering heat. To pack your bags and hop on a plane. But what annoys most travellers is the pain to pack light and to pack like a pro. There is one thing I hate most about travelling (yes only one thing, i.e. packing my suitcase for that destination). The problem I face most of the times is to travel light and also to fit everything in my bag between the anxiety to remember everything I need for the trip and to fit everything in my bag. The packing struggle can be really serious at times, especially if you also need to stay within the weight limit.

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15 Things You will Totally Get If You Are A Scindia Girl!

FullSizeRender (2)

From waking up early in the morning, to bunking classes and to survive surprise checks during study hours we have had it all, but there is not a single thing we would want to change when it comes to school years. Few things you will totally get if you are a Scindia girl.

1.  Ghost stories were our bedtime stories. Not a single day would pass without hearing one or the other ghost stories of the past in the Kamla Bhawan, or people randomly making them up just to be the story teller of the lot. Also, randomly seeing someone playing basketball in the court or girls flying high in the air during night assembly. If you are a Scindia girl you know for sure that more than exams, staying in Kamla Bhawan used to be a nightmare.

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5 tips on how to get a healthy and glowing skin

Set of fresh cute woman portrait. Applying facial lotion, touching her face.Moisturizing. Hand-drawn like style. Isolated on white.

Anyone can hide their dark circles or dullness of their skin in a photo, but how will you hide it from people when you face them? It is the most common question we face these days. In today’s world where everyone is trying to look their best, where make-up has become such a necessity in our lives that we don’t step outside our houses without our make-up on, we often forget that this is all temporary. In applying so much of make-up on our face we are just damaging our skin and despite knowing all this we usually tend to ignore it right? My mother had always told me that make-up really harms your skin and I had always ignored her concern. Due to my shoots I have to apply so much make-up for a number of hours and with time I have also realised that my mother was right, make-up really does harm our skin in the long run.

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How social media pressure is killing our mental health.


When I was a child I was always fascinated with the things I saw around me or on the internet. Though we didn’t have a lot of craze for internet back then, but yeah we were still new to all the social media handles, and I was fascinated by them. As I have grown with age there’s one thing I have always realised that as much as social media helps us learn various things, helps us make new friends in no time, it also leaves a deep impact on our lives. Today where social media plays such an important role in our lives, and we have become so irresistibly attached to it, whether you accept it or not it does leaves us wondering about a certain things at time. I am not debating here, on whether social media is a bane or boon, all I am trying to say is that have you ever wondered that whenever you open any social media handle the first thing that comes to our mind is: I wish I had that, I wish I was as pretty and so on and so forth. Why is it that when ever we browse a profile of someone else we start comparing ourselves with them without even knowing them personally? There are numerous times when you take screen shots of images with items you wish to buy, of clothes that you want to wear, of make-up that you might want to apply and at the end of this process find yourselves crying over how you don’t have all the listings being displayed in front of you. Our parents have always taught us to be satisfied with what we have, but social media drags us to a point where we wish we had everything that we see in front of us.

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10 steps to be a bohemian trend-setter


What does Bohemian mean to you? Bohemians may be wanderers, adventurers, or even vagabonds. Bohemian fashion has been dominant for an immemorial time period and it’s nothing but a practice of an unconventional lifestyle. All those floral prints you see, overdose of accessories and laid back hairstyles are a part of bohemian fashion. There isn’t one definition for it, people from writers, artists, to journalists – anyone with free thoughts can be a bohemian soul. Why I am telling you all this? because at times the word itself is so misconstrued that people don’t get the right definition of it and fail to understand the essence of a bohemian soul. I often see people having vague thoughts about this style, but I for one feel that you feel love, you feel things and you feel fashion and you are a bohemian soul even if you don’t dress like one. ‘Bohemian’ also fondly referred to as “boho” is an artistic and creative style of fashion trend for me because there is a room for experimentation and you can layer as much as you want and no one will judge you (trust me haha). Continue reading…